Canadian Contraband

Cal has been relocated—again…

This time, to a new country, the coast of northwest Canada…

No friends. Far from home. And Uncle J seems disinterested in befriending his displaced nephew…



Book 3 in the Calvin Poag Adventure Series

Canadian Contraband

When Cal meets Addison (Adi), with her Honda 90 motorbike, and her own island off the north-western coast of Canada, Cal is sure he’s found a new venturesome friend. However, Adi soon proves to be more complicated than first thought, still, Cal’s drawn to her like a moth to a flame. And when their sketchy dealings with Lonnie and his scary sidekick, Nabbs escalates to a dangerous level, Uncle J is forced to escape with his naïve nephew to his back-country cabin. Cal’s education suddenly reaches beyond learning about girls and his quiet, French uncle to survival in a harsh and unforgiving environment. And when Adi unexpectedly joins Cal and Uncle J, they all find themselves in a life and death situation as they battle the onslaught of winter, and those who wish to silence the kids who know too much.

Calvin Poag Adventure Series

Calvin Poag never looks for trouble, however, it has a way of finding him.

Actually, it’s James, his best friend, who has a knack for finding adventure

which always leaves the best friends holding on for some life-threatening ride.

Hidden away in the hollows and backwoods near their mountain town of Mud

Lake are an unsavory assortment of characters, villains, and outliers, and

somehow the boys have a way of crossing their paths and stirring up trouble.