It’s Now or Never

They’re on the run—from the crook who thinks they’ve stolen his loot…

James’ sister is suddenly in his clutches, and the table have turned and now it’s big decision time…



Book 2 in the Calvin Poag Adventure Series

It’s Now or Never

Exploring the abandoned Magpie mine, with its debris cluttered shafts and vertical winze’s is about as scary as it gets for Cal. It takes all the nerve he can muster to follow James’ lead and fearless curiosity. And when Derrick Carter (the meanest kid James has ever known) realizes someone’s been meddling in his illicit activities, Derrick’s bent on finding out who. To make matters worse, when Pepper, James’ younger sister is kidnapped by Derrick and his viperous clan, Cal and James take drastic steps to save her. Their plans however, literally blow up in their faces and the tables are turned. It’s Now Or Never as the best friends seek any opportunity to escape this nest of thieves! And in the midst of failed plans and narrow escapes, the two friends must decide between what’s good and what’s right.

Calvin Poag Adventure Series

Calvin Poag never looks for trouble, however, it has a way of finding him.

Actually, it’s James, his best friend, who has a knack for finding adventure

which always leaves the best friends holding on for some life-threatening ride.

Hidden away in the hollows and backwoods near their mountain town of Mud

Lake are an unsavory assortment of characters, villains, and outliers, and

somehow the boys have a way of crossing their paths and stirring up trouble.