How Do Books Come About?





 “My students had the privilege of spending time with Cameron when he spoke to my advanced English classes. He also invited the students to read, and critique two of his upcoming manuscripts, which my students fully enioyed. Having the opportunity to ask questions about the writing and creative process helped my kiddo’s gain valuable insight and ignite their own writing projects.”

~ Paula Brockman, 7th & 8th grade English




Kids’ comments about the books!


A New Reader – A New Fan

Talk about making a guy feel great, this is one of my favorite pics (snapped by Zach’s {photographer} mom, Shannon) and fantastic comments from Zach regarding Do Or Die Time.

“Hey Cameron this is Zach. Sorry it took me so long to finish the book I have been really busy. Yesterday I took the time to get sucked into it (Do Or Die Time) and I finished. I love your book and I want to read the next one, your style is good (and) you’re the one author that got me really sucked into a book and this is coming from a kid who usually hates reading. It was funny it was adventurous and mysterious. I am looking forward to your next book. Thank You for the chance to be on a cover of a book and being the one author that got me into reading. YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO WRITE A BOOK!”