Do or Die Time

Cal & James have discovered something awful, but intriguing, in the woods behind your town… Maybe they can sell tickets for their friend to see it… That is if the guys who did it don’t come back…

Book 1 in the Calvin Poag Adventure Series



Do or Die Time

Calvin is a nervous nerd whose constant caution can sometimes get under James’ skin. James on the other hand throws caution to the wind and will hard-charge toward any and all adventures. They’re an unlikely pair, but their friendship is proof that opposites attract. What they’ve discovered is both disgusting but like a train wreck, they can’t look away. However, their fun­-filled plans quickly head down a dangerous path when James makes a split second decision; a decision that forces the boys into the biggest decision of their lives? It’s Do or Die Time as Cal and James must overcome extreme obstacles in this fast paced adventure

Calvin Poag Adventure Series

Calvin Poag never looks for trouble, however, it has a way of finding him.

Actually, it’s James, his best friend, who has a knack for finding adventure

which always leaves the best friends holding on for some life-threatening ride.

Hidden away in the hollows and backwoods near their mountain town of Mud

Lake are an unsavory assortment of characters, villains, and outliers, and

somehow the boys have a way of crossing their paths and stirring up trouble.